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Welcome to Chubbies

Chubbies is a weekend revolution. A Weekend apparel Revolution..

Chubbies is to the weekend as peanut butter is to jelly.

Great to meet you

We're four guys who started Chubbies five years ago after realizing that most clothing companies were all about, well, "fashion." Fashion was all about exclusivity and status while we were all about inclusivity, and just generally not taking things too seriously. We didn't see anyone out there focusing on that. So, after a few years of just working your regular old "business casual" sort of jobs, we said "screw it".

We launched Chubbies in September of 2011 with just a handful of pairs of shorts and an idea that we could do something different.

Fast forward to now we've got the most amazing customers in the world and an amazing community of people that are all a part of the Weekend Revolution — and we couldn't be more appreciative.

Exhibit A: Chubbies explained

We exist to bring you the best weekend clothing that has ever been conceived. To us, the weekend represents everything Chubbies represents. From a product perspective, we started the company on two fundamental premises. First - that pants represented the work week, cubicles, TPS reports and pointless spreadsheets. And Second - the state of today's shortswear was dire. Cargos. Capris. Men everywhere hiding their legs.

So we committed to making shorts, and we looked to our dads and to the 70's and 80's for inspiration on how they should look.

It's called the Friday at 5 feeling and it's kinda like this...

Exhibit B: this

And as time went by, people started getting on-board. 

They are the Chubster Nation.

This all started with our closest friends buying the first shorts. At the beginning, we still had our 'normal jobs' and just wanted to make stuff for ourselves and our friends that helped make our weekends awesome.

Then, friends of friends started checking it out. Then, people we hadn't even met started checking out the site and the shorts.

We had no idea what this would turn into when we got started, but we realized that the only way for us to continue building this thing was to consider every person that's a part of the Chubster Nation as a friend.

Every person who gets our emails, checks us out on facebookinstatwittersnapchats, checks out the site, and ultimately decides to buy some Chubbies is a friend. That's the only way we can make sure we never become 'fashion'.

That's the only way we keep the true spirit and purpose of what we originally set out to create. We continue to be floored by the Chubster Nation, and we're supremely grateful to make stuff for you guys - we do everything for you guys.

It's so awesome that so many people out there are potentially having ever-so-slightly better, more full weekends -- and creating more weekend memories because of something we're doing. It's all about fun, freedom, and doing whatever the hell you want with the people you love, and the Chubster Nation is proof that the weekend is alive and well.

Fast forward 2 years,

...after extensive research by scores of PHDs, we realized pools, oceans, rivers and lakes played a crucial role in the ideal weekend.

So we set out to made the best, most fun swim trunks on the planet

Exhibit C: fun in swim trunks

Exhibit D: More fun

Then we made ladies swim suits

Exhibit E: We thought the world of swim trunks could use a little innovation, so we made tear-away swim trunks and explored Men's synchronized swimming.

And then changed the ol game again by adding a hint of stretch to our swim trunks

Then we realized people needed the definitive weekend shirt because sometimes they don't let you into places without them, and we were hearing from so many in the Chubster Nation that we should take the same vibe of the shorts and swim trunks and infuse it into shirts.

So we applied the same approach to creating our shirts

It was about two years ago that we created our first run of shirts. We had been honing the art of creating the preeminent pair of shorts and swim trunks and realized we were only getting half the body in on the party.

We also dug the Hawaiian shirts our dads wore back in the day. They were epic. They were what weekend shirts were meant to be. So we set out to create that perfect weekend shirt.

Not too loose, but with just enough room that you won't have to worry about putting on a couple o' LB's. A comfortable, relaxed fit that in no way, shape, or form could be taken for "business casual" attire. Since that first launch we've enhanced our fit, our fabric, and also expanded our assortment to include golf polos, crewneck sweatshirts, tees, a whole line of the funnest printed fleece outerwear unlike anything you can find anywhere else on the planet.

So that's about it. We're here to bring the weekend to our friends through some awesome throwback shorts, swim trunks and shirts, and we're grateful you're checking us out. 

Sky's out, thighs out.

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