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Scott Eisen is a friend of Chubbies. He graciously sat down and recounted some of his own life experiences. This is his story…

My name is Scott Eisen. I was born in Colorado and raised in Santa Rosa. Growing up as a “California Kid”, my brother and I would go out to Colorado and work on my Grandfather’s cattle ranch. Those were some of my fondest memories growing up and helped my decision making after high school. After graduating in 2001, I knew that I was not going to go to college and I considered joining the USMC. At that time, I told myself that the USMC would always be there for me if I needed it. Unbeknownst to me, it would be calling my name again in the very near future. With tension in the family and a yearning for freedom, I packed up my Honda Accord and moved to Ft. Collins, CO. I worked as an apprentice electrician.  I hunted in my spare time and enjoyed being in charge of my life.

I continued to work, I moved into an apartment with a bunch of college kids. We would go bouldering and hike up Horsetooth Mountain. Hunting & the outdoors were still my passions. The following hunting season came and I had worked all year with little time off. I asked my boss for the week off to go hunting with my Grandpa. He told me that he would give me Monday off and to be back to work on Tuesday. I made a judgment call that would change the course of my life and called my boss from hunting camp and told him that I would not be back to work until the following Monday. He told me not to bother coming back then and I said okay. In the weeks to come I found myself with no job, no money, watching the Afghanistan war on TV every day. That’s when I made the decision to join the best dressed, best looking, toughest group of young men in America…the Marines.

I came home a month before boot camp and that is when I fell in love with my 8th grade girlfriend. She’s been with me from day 1. I went to boot camp in San Diego for 3 months. Then went back to Camp Pendleton for the School of Infantry, where I was trained to become a Machinegunner. I was selected to be a part of a Security Force and required a Top Secret Clearance. My other buddies went on straight into the Fleet Marine Force. Most of them were on the battlefield within 6 months, some of them never returned. I myself was stuck doing security training & HUMVEE driver’s course in Virginia and eventually was stationed in Washington State. We are not authorized to comment on our activity or the security we provided. I was there for 2 years. I won a meritorious Corporal board and went to various military schools; Infantry Squad Leaders Course, Infantry Machinegun Leaders Course, Green Belt Instructors Course, Primary Marksmanship Instructors Course, to name a few. I was a Sergeant by the time it was my turn to go to the fleet.

I was then ordered to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion 5th Marines, and “The Fighting 5th”. They had just gotten back from their 2nd tour in Iraq. We trained for 6 months in preparation for our next deployment.

We helped the local communities with building supplies, food, and water. We were granted liberty in Subic Bay for a couple crazy nights, then shortly after we returned to Camp San Mateo, Camp Pendleton. Within 3 months I would be honorably discharged from the USMC.

Now, I am married to my 8th grade sweetheart and the girl of my dreams.  We have 2 beautiful kids, a boy (6) and a girl (3). Life is good and I am thankful for every second I have here.

Heroes are Tony Wojciechowski, Matthew Conley, Brandon Sturdy, Wesley Durbin, Steven Cates, to name a few. Just as important, if not more… are our wounded warriors, they are true HEROES. I did what I thought was right and I followed my heart. It has gotten me to the place I am today and I am proud to call myself a Marine. When we all die and go to heaven, make sure you thank the guard at heavens gates because he is and always will be a Unites States Marine. Semper Fi! 

Thank you Scott, from all of us at Chubbies HQ.

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