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1.) Is this only a one day sale?

Yes. The Party Uniform is available for purchase today only. There are a limited number of Party Uniforms so act quickly if you’re looking to snag one.


2.) What’s the deal with Ronald the Radcreational Vehicle?

Hey, Ronald’s a sensitive guy so watch what you say about him. We bought a ridiculous RV, custom-fitted it for tailgating, and dubbed him Ronald. He’ll be making his way across the country this fall looking for the most righteous parties in all the land.


3.) How do I get to vote? What am I voting on?

Purchase one piece of The Party Uniform and receive a vote to choose where Ronald the Radcreational Vehicle roams this fall. Pick up the whole Party Uniform and your vote counts double (that's four total) to bring Ronald wherever you damn well please. Bring him to your school. Bring him to your backyard. Bring him to your family reunion. The choice is literally yours.


4.) Where do I vote?

Cast your vote on the product page of each piece of the party uniform before you place your order.


5.) How will you decide where Ronald goes?

The cities/schools with the most votes will get a visit from the big guy. He can’t wait.


6.) When will I get my official Party Uniform?

The Party Uniform will get to you no later than the weekend of September 13th.


7.) How do I my get picture in the composite?

Every muchacho who purchases the complete Party Uniform (Magnum T and Boomshakalakas) will get his picture included in our retro style fraternity composite that will roam the land with Ronald. We'll reach out to you after you purchase to grab that dope headshot (or thigh shot if that's how you roll).

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