Without reluctance, hesitation, or concern: we condemn police brutality, racial injustice, and white supremacy.


Moreover, we believe Breonna Taylor deserved better. We believe George Floyd deserved better. We believe Elijah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, Riah Milton and countless others deserved better. To be silent in regards to such grave injustice is to be guilty of complicity.


However, our voice alone is not enough. Words must be accompanied by action, and action must be accompanied by transparency. As such, here are the actions we’ve taken since our last statement:


• On July 14th we onboarded PowerToFly to audit, analyze and expose our existing internal bias, inequity, inequality and frankly, ignorance. In tandem with their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion experts we’re developing an in-depth 5-year roadmap that outlines key changes to recruiting, hiring, retention, internal practices, content creation, accountability, strategic partnerships, philanthropic donations, community building and more.


​Ultimately, this roadmap will serve as the backbone in our mission to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive internal and external community and culture going forward.


• We have begun advanced unconscious bias, inclusive hiring and inclusive management trainings.


• We have implemented new equitable hiring practices and processes to ensure better representation of more diverse backgrounds and experiences in our employee base (current and future).


• We are now intentionally celebrating the diversity of the Chubbies community through our visuals and storytelling. This includes hiring diverse models, amplifying our BIPOC customers' content, and working to ensure all of our outbound messaging reflects the inclusive ethos we aspire to project through our website, emails, and social media.


• We have successfully incorporated our philanthropic foundation which will enable systematic donations to critical causes. Our foundation will focus on mental health and supporting marginalized communities. We expect the foundation to be approved as a 501c3 by March of 2021. In the meantime we are working to form long-term partnerships with high-impact organizations aligned with our mission.


We view these last few months as the first of many steps in our endeavor to become better people, and to build a better brand, while recognizing that there will always be much more to do. We believe that every individual, company, and organization - no matter how small - can, and should, make a difference.


We believe that Black people should have the right to live without fear of harassment, persecution, oppression, police brutality and the incessant threat of violence.


We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for racial equality.


Finally, we commit to doing more, because we fundamentally believe change depends on actions over words, and on ‘consistency over momentary intensity.’1


- Chubbies




 1Tani Brown, Jopwell