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About Us

Friday at 5pm

In a world inundated with emails, fake news, status updates, smartphones & connected watches, we exist to bring our community back to the moment and deliver that Friday at 5pm feeling every day of the week.

This is the moment our customer finds balance; when they stop focusing on what they should be doing and instead focus on what they want to do.

Our Story

Chubbies was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who found the traditional world of men’s capital-F-”Fashion” completely unrelatable. We saw pictures of shirtless men with rippling ab muscles, some standing outside of storefronts coating you with cologne, with the message of “if only you buy our clothes you can try to be as cool as we are” - and we were absolutely repelled.

At the same time, we saw that “shorts” in the marketplace were getting longer and longer, with more and more fabric/pocketing/zip-ties & whoseewhatsits all over them. Where were the proper length men’s shorts that defined generations of shortsmen? Not only were shorts becoming completely unrecognizable, but they were also losing their personality, their craftsmanship. No one was focusing on this forgotten category of men’s apparel, when it’s a product that’s so vital to get right.

Finally, we founded the company in 2011, just 3 years after the financial crisis, 4 years after the launch of the first iPhone, and in the wake of the rapid rise of Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking apps. People were more stressed, comparing their lives to others on social media, and allowing work to overtake more and more of the work-life balance.

Enter Chubbies - our visceral and irreverent response to all of the above.

We launched in September of 2011 and were sold out for 2+ years of our core casual shorts product.

In the subsequent years we launched swim trunks, aloha shirts, sport shorts, lounge shorts, performance polos, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and quarter to round out the year-round Weekend Wardrobe.

Throughout, we maintained a consistent focus on building the perfect product for your Weekend, and wove every piece of fabric around that objective.

Now, we are proud to say we have the most well-rounded, custom-built-for-the-weekend apparel on the planet and, not only that, a brand built by, and for, our community and 100% centered on that Friday at 5pm feeling.


Brand Values


First and foremost - we bring the fun. When someone engages with our brand, we want a smile to come to their face. We want them to feel that pull from the center of their gut, just behind their belly button, to get out and do something fun. Something for themselves.


One of the key evolution points of our brand over the past few years is that not everyone needs to party to have a fantastic time. To some, their idea of a great time is just taking it EASY. And I mean real easy. Like shirt-off, catching rays in the 70-degree sunshine you've been blessed with with a cold drink in your hand.


We built this brand as a reaction to the old-guard fashion brands, and that voice has maintained throughout. When we named the company, we named it with exactly that sentiment in mind. We wanted a name that no one could confuse for an "exclusive" fashion label, or a brand that would have shirtless men hanging around outside coating you with cologne. Ours is for the everyman, and for EVERY. MAN.


We trigger the explorer's spirit in our community. Whether that's going free-diving in Hawaii, surfing in Mexico, wake-surfing in your local lake, translating a lifelong passion into a new hobby, or starting an entrepreneurial venture - we take risks and we enter uncharted territory.


We want to make you laugh. We want an experience with our content to bring joy and lightness to your day. Even if you're not wearing our product because you're stuck in the office or have an important "client presentation" that can't be done on Zoom, we want to make sure you get a dose of Friday at 5 every time you engage with our creative.

Why Solo Brands?

We are still at the beginning of our journey to spread that Friday at 5pm feeling to the farthest reaches of the planet. We have come a long way and have been honored to welcome the most amazing folks we’ve every known into our community, but we still have a long way to go. Our mission essentially boils down to putting a smile on as many people’s faces as is humanly possible, and when a smile isn’t possible our mission is to be there to support and raise awareness for mental health. Given that, we think it’s pretty dang important to welcome as many people as possible onto the train-to-Weekendsville that is Chubbies.

Solo Brands gives us the platform to do exactly that. And not only that, but to also deliver even better customer experiences to every single person in our community.

We are joining a squad of some of the most talented and passionate people we know. People who are building brands, and engaging with communities, that share our conviction that a brand should deliver unforgettable customer experiences in unique and distinctive ways while also working to uplift their community and society at large.

Each of these brands brings a unique experience and expertise to the Solo Brands platform to enable us to build towards a future of commerce that isn’t dominated by one or a few megastores. We think it’s absolutely critical to empower and uplift these distinct and excellent brands and people, and to do so we’re going to need to use all of our learnings from our collective 50+ year’s in digital brand building.

But we believe in that experience. We believe that by working with similarly driven, passionate, (wildly) intelligent, honorable, cause-driven and downright awesome people we will pave the way towards a better future not just for Chubbies, but for commerce in general.

So buckle in and hang tight - it’s about to be a wild ride and we’re just getting started.

- Kyle, Rainer, Tom, Preston and the entire Chubbies team

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