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#55Hours Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enter?

Post an original photo on Instagram with the tags @chubbies & #55hours during the initial entry period (September 7 - September 25, 2016). Make sure your account is on public settings, otherwise, we won’t be able to see your pic.

Can I post more than one picture?

Yes, and we actually encourage that, as it gives us a better chance to see more of your weekending-capabilities and photo skillz. All pictures must be published and remain live during the initial entry period (September 7 - September 25, 2016).

Can I use this awesome photo I found on the internet?

No - that is a violation of the contest rules. We’re looking for originality here, Ansel Adams, so any photo found to be a duplicate, copywritten, protected, etc. will automatically disqualify you from the contest.

Can anyone enter?

If you’re over the age of 18 and are a resident of the United States of America (ever heard of it?) - you are encouraged to enter! If you’re younger than 18 or from outside the United States, you’ll have to wait until the next contest.

I posted a photo, but I don’t see it in the gallery. WHERE IS IT?

Patience, young padawan. All photos get reviewed by our in-house team of Instagram experts (aka - our social media team) and have to get either approved or denied before going live in the gallery. Email with your Instagram handle if you have any questions about the status of your entry.

Do I have to be wearing Chubbies in the photo to win?

No, but going forward you should consider Chubbies as the best go-to option for weekend wear and consider wearing them in every picture you ever take.

What do you want to see pictures of?

You and your friends and your family LIVING YOUR TRUTHS on the weekend. Maybe you had an epic BBQ, maybe you took a road trip that ended with you and your buddy Walter hitchhiking down Route 66, maybe you just stayed in and played Madden until your controller got too sweaty to hold. All that really matters is the pictures you have to prove it.

Why is Chubbies doing this?

Because people need to remember how #blessed they are when the weekend rolls around. We get 55 hours every week to do whatever we darn well please, so let this contest serve as a reminder to get out there and LIVE.

Also, you guys have access to way more awesomeness and amazing locales than our small team does. Isn’t it time your Instagram account got you a gig as a part-time travel photographer? We think so.

When are finalists announced?

Finalists will be announced on Thursday, September 28, 2016. However, we’ll notify finalists a few days in advance to allow them time to fill out their finalist profile.

When are winners announced?

We’ll announce the four grand prize winners on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

How do I win?

The first round will be judged internally by the world-renowned Quadfecta of Excellence (aka the four founders of Chubbies). 80% of your score will be awarded based on composition, creativity, sense of humor, etc. 20% will come from the ratio of followers on your Instagram account to the number of engagements your post garnered during the entry period.

The 4 grand prize winners will be selected from the finalists pool by 100% public vote (number of shares received on finalist gallery). So get out there and put Hills and The Donald to shame with your campaigning!

For more information about how the judging is done and how winners are selected check out the contest rules.

What do I win?

Four Grand Prize Winners will receive weekend getaways for two to one of four epic US cities (think New York, Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Sedona, Napa, Seattle, Davenport, etc.) selected by Chubbies, including accommodations provided by HotelTonight, airfare for two, spending cash for the weekend, a $250 Chubbies giftcard, and a swag pack provided by Kingsford charcoal.

Twenty runner-ups will receive a $100 Chubbies Gift Card, as well as a swag pack from Kingsford.

Additionally, all finalists will be invited to join the Chubbies Club of Fresh Photographers who Instagram Pretty Good. Fresh Photogs will gain access to early releases and can apply for photoshoot budgets to help generate content for and our social accounts.

For more information about how the prizes are awarded check out the contest rules.
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